Pay at the Table & Online Ordering

Helping Restaurants do More with Less

Taby Self Checkout

Taby Self Checkout brings the self checkout experience you find in restaurants like Olive Garden, with the Ziosk Tablets, but at 4% of the cost and no headache. We do this by using a small QR code on each table that works with any QR code reader on any smartphone, no app required!

Scan the code on any table to bring the check out of your existing Point of Sale straight to your phone with our seamless checkout. Unlike the Ziosk tablets there is no hardware to purchase or maintain, no network to manage. You do not need a dedicated IT group to manage Taby.

Reduce your wait time up to 2,400 minutes/ night

Increase Restaurant Reviews by 92%

Expand your Customer Base

Connect with social media

Increase server tips

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Taby To Go

Text messages are sent to your Call-In customers to pay their bill and our software lets you know what car they arrived in so you can bring the order out to them. We help you deliver a curbside experience for call in customers.

Instant payment verification for large orders or catering

Curbside experience for your call-in customers

Maintain customer capacity limitations

Less staff time spent on the phone

Online Ordering

Extend your customer base

Upsell menu items like starters or desserts

Learn where your customers came from and grow your marketing strategy

Bring Curbside experience to your customers with the same screen used for Taby ToGo WITHOUT that phone ringing ONE MORE time!!!

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