Self Checkout Reduces 1,800 Minutes of Wait Time in one Night

Wait time at the front of the restaurant can be a costly expense. As soon as the wait time goes over 30 minutes you will start loosing guests to other restaurants near by. They came to spend money with you but instead took their money to the competition. During lunch having a 5 minute wait can make your guests leave for somewhere else. Having a self checkout, pay at the table solution in your restaurant can make a huge impact to your total profit in a day. Why is this?

10 Minute Reduction= 1,800 Minutes/ Night

Darden has used Ziosk Tablets now for quite a while. They announced that they saw a reduction of 10 minutes per table by implementing the tablets in their restaurant. They also announced 80% utilization [1] early on that has now exceeded 90% [2] This means a restaurant with 35 tables will save 300 minutes each time their tables are turned with an average of 1,800 minutes on a busy evening. This brings massive reduction to the wait time at the front of the house. Not to mention your lunch crowd won’t even wait if there is a line so it can be the difference in getting their business or not.

Staff time

Your servers spend on average 2-3 minutes per credit card transaction. That may not seem like a lot but it comes out to about ¼ of their entire shift. If a server turns 25 tables in a night then they spend 50 minutes running checks and paper! Having a Self Checkout pay at the table solution can eliminate that time and allow them to focus on getting food and drinks out faster. If the food is out faster then by nature the guests eat and are ready to go sooner. There is a reason why companies like Brinker and Darden spent millions of dollars on tablets for each table. They brought a return in less than 12 months. Read here to learn what other pay at the table options are out there or read here to see cost comparisons.

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